Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Jeff Pistole...running for County Judge in Van Buren County.

Jeff Pistole is running for Van Buren County Judge.  He is the 7th generation of his family to live in Van Buren County and he loves his community.  He sponsored an ordinance as a JP that called for an advisory board to make recommendations on the development of the gas industry in the community.  He has called for baseline testing of our water and is an advocate of economic development, while at the same time balancing that with real concerns for our air and water quality.  He is a pro-family and pro-business candidate and a man of honor. Visit his website at http://www.jeffpistole.com/

Jeff Pistole Running for Van Buren County Judge

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Next Election Cycle

Democrat...Republican...Independent???? The labels become more and more blurred each election as people struggle with basic human needs that no one seems to care about.  Corporatism has ruled the roost in this state and has consistently crossed party lines.  Gas giants dole out huge donations to political war chests in an attempt to influence policy.  The fourth estate, or the news media, is also somewhat  contaminated with gas and oil interests.  Perhaps Arkansans will never have the war chest that gas and oil wield on a daily basis, but we have votes.  People in high positions may love their power, but we need to remind them that they serve at the people's pleasure.  Contact your state senator, representative, your national senators and congressmen today and tell them of the ill-effects of natural gas drilling in your area.  They need to hear your voice in a clarion cry for reform.  We are not against gas drilling, but we must make them DO IT RIGHT!

Silence Dogood Arkansas

GROUNDBREAKING ARTICLE (excuse the play on words) Industry Proves Earthquakes Caused by Gas and Oil Activity/"Fracking"/Injection Wells

This is actually an industry article from Schlumberger which discusses research by Russian scientists which proves a connection between earthquakes and gas drilling activity.

Given this information, I'd like to pose a question: in the event of earthquakes, what happens to the integrity of the concrete casing that supposedly protects our water from the intrusion of chemicals and poisonous gas? Also, if in an earthquake more cracks are created, what protects further migration of poisons? Just asking.
Below is the link: